The Prophecy

Session 3

Having only somewhat of an idea where he was now headed Bellator Miles heads in the direction that the Talking Tree had told him was the direction a young girl, presumably Farryn was headed, wandering through the woods. For about an hour, or so he thought, he traveled. Time has a weird sense of feeling in The Forest of Alberon it seemed. How long had it been daylight now? It felt like all day had passed and yet it was barely noon according to the sun.

At least he stumbled upon something. In front of Bellator Miles lie a large castle. Defiantly standing against the wear of time. It’s walls crumbing on itself. In front of him lie a large moat where it appeared water once filled, but dry now it was adorned with spikes. Upon further inspection Bellator Miles could see a tower with a fire lit, a large bell, and a shadowy figure he couldn’t quite make out.


“Ho there on the wall, open the gate!” He shouted out. But he didn’t receive a reply. The figure approached the siding on the wall to look up Miles and in return Miles could now see the shadowy-figure he saw before was actually a skeleton. Immediately the skeleton turned and began ominously ringing the bell. Over and over again, alerting all in the keep of his presence.


Further in the Whispering Woods behind Bellator Miles, Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) and Azrael Jones could hear the ringing of the bell. They sprint that direction to investigate.

The Skeleton is joined by more Skeletons who all begin to rain arrows towards Bellator Miles. He takes cover in the woodline behind a tree. Using throwing knifes he contends with the Skeletons from the treeline, advantageously using his cover.

Azrael Jones and Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) arrive and see what’s happening. Azrael Jones fearlessly charges, stopping short of the moat and shouts taunts towards the Skeletons. They loose arrows and manage to injure him slightly.

Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) seeking to protect his ally places a circle of opaque fog around Azrael Jones that the Skeletons are unable to see through and he begins climbing trees in the nearby woods in order to secure a bird’s nest against his enemies.

Bellator Miles Continues to contend with his knives while Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) begins obliterating Skeletons from the top of a tree. Meanwhile Azrael Jones ties a rope to a handaxe and uses it to secure a improvised grappling hook onto the wall of the fortress.

Using the rope Azrael Jones swings across and secures footing on the other side of the treacherous moat. The Skeletons now able to see him being rainging arrows down upon him. He attempts to climb the rope but slips, to then have his rope cut down by one of the Skeletons.

Azrael Jones attempts to climb the fortress wall by hand, using and foothold he can. Plenty are available due to the crumbling old nature of the castle and he is successful, reaching the top where he can contend with the Skeletons.

Collectively the party, now reunited is able to easily defeat the party of Skeletons. When only one Skeleton remains Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) ties a rope to an arrow and shoots it through him, securing a line from him to the wall. Azrael Jones grabs the now completely dead body and holds it. Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) secures his end of the rope to the tree he stands upon and ziplines along the rope using his bow to gain access across the moat and onto the castle wall.

Azrael Jones uses Lay on Hands to heal himself of his wounds and climbs down into the courtyard of the castle and drops a drawbridge Bellator Miles uses to safely gain passage into the castle courtyard.


Inside the party is faced with several more Skeletons and even two Warhorse Skeletons, but they prove to be easy foes for three heroes. The party at last discovers that fate of Farryn. She is held in a cage surround by Skeleton captors. As the party advanced toward her in an attempt to rescue two Skeletons walked Farryn through two large wooden doors leading further into the castle, Farryn cursing them all the while. The party attempted to stop them in time, killing one of the Skeletons, but they were unsuccessful in stopping them completely.

Having defeated all of the Skeletons in the castle courtyard and atop the castle walls the party stops to take a rest. During their rest they stop to notice a large statue/ fountain in the middle of the castle courtyard. Azrael Jones realizes from his training and schooling coming up as a Paladin that this statue is actually done in the likeness of Lordamir, the ancient legendary Paladin. He goes on to explain his knowledge of Lordamir with the party and concludes that this castle must be Alberon.

During their rest the group comes up with a plan and builds a fire against the doors Farryn was led through in an attempt to weaken the door. As they finish their rest they light the fire and wait.

-The plan backfires. From inside the shouts of Farryn can be heard saying “I can’t breathe!” There’s no time. The party gathers around a training dummy nearby using their tools and weapons cut it from it’s post to use as a battering ram. Together they approach the door and with a might heavy and several attempts ram the door open.

Smoke pours out and up from the structure. Nothing can be seen on the inside but a monstrous voice could be heard and it said “You were foolish to have come here…”

Many Skeletons rush through the doors to attack the party but the party holds fast and swiftly defeats them with arrows and steel. The smoke clears and Bellator Miles finds Farryn. She is weak, but able to walk. She seems surprised to see that party again and thanks them for saving her life, again.

Bellator Miles implores her to leave the castle with them now, but Farryn replies saying that she could her the voice of a man deeper in the castle talking about the end of the world. They had to go help him! Bellator Miless argued that they need to rest and that they could return to help him later, but Farryn insisted and stubborn said “If you won’t help me that’s fine, but I won’t leave him to die! I’d rather die for something than live like a coward!” and she stormed off.

Bellator Miles grabbed her, stopping her from proceeding and prepared to council her once again, but before he could Farryn uttered a charm spell, persuading the party to assist her. Bellator Miles complied and released her. Azrael Jones was unaffected by the spell, but said nothing… He wanted to pursue the voice deeper into the keep of Alberon.

The party climbed a flight of stairs and through another large set of great wood doors. Inside they found a hexagon shaped throne room. Every stretch of wall was covered with bookshelves filled with books. Opposite the party on what was obviously a large chair fit for a lord sat a large phantasmal man. The party recognized him as the same man carved into the stature that decorated the courtyard, Lordamir. Only this Lordamir was obviously no longer a man, and no longer a Paladin.


Lordamir casually stood from his throne regarding the party and with the same monstrous voice they heard before said “Come Nephalem, I’ve bested you before and I shall do so again.”

Bellator Miles valiantly charges in to face Lordamir. Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) fires arrow after arrow at the creature and Azrael Jones follows closely behind Bellator Miles unafraid of death orLordamir. Farryn is weak but she raises her hands and is able to cast lightning from her hands to assist.

Lordamir looks upon the face of his foes and sends Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) into a fit of fear. Unable to move. Bellator Miles resists his attempt and Azrael Jones is completely unaffected by the visage.

Combat continues and as it does so Lordamir seems to slip between planes of existance making him immune to damage from the party for some of the fight. The group continues to fight him relentlessly, undeterred by his attempts to stop them.

As the battle rages on Lordamir to his shock begins to realize that he’s losing the fight. Suddendly, his body disappears entirely. Then, without warning. Bellator Miles lashes out and attacks Azrael Jones

The two duel it out for a time and in the confusion Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) unsure of what to do randomly begins spilling the contents of the shelves onto the floor, hoping to stir Lordamir and decipher who is who, but it’s unsuccessful. Farryn yell out “What’s going on!?” and in an aggressive and frustrated voice Azrael Jones lashes out at her telling her to attack Bellator Miles. This isn’t received well and Farryn casts hold person on Azrael Jones.

In that moment Bellator Miles prepared to make a devastating blow to Azrael Jones but through his force of will Bellator Miles was able to force Lordamir out of his mind and regain possession of his self. Lordamir reformed nearby.

With his reformation they party attacked again. The fighting waned on. Then suddendly, Azrael Jones unpredictably did the unthinkable. And denounced his god before Lordamir and his comrades. He turned his gaze toward Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) and struck out at him with his sword.

“You would denounce your god who gave you your power. boy?!” Said LordamirOATHBREAKER!” He shouted and he reached out to attack Azrael Jones.

The fighting was convoluted at this point. Everyone involved wildly attacking someone else. Azrael Jones locked in combat with Daeetah Dardikok (Dae), Bellator Miles in combat with Lordamir. Suddendly, Farryn ran out towards Azrael Jones and with his back turned to her and his focus on Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) she cast burning hands, dropping Azrael Jones to the floor in a fiery inferno.

Lordamir and Bellator Miles parried and dodged each other consistently all the while, until Lordamir reached out and with a swift motion placed his off-hand directly onto Bellator Miles’ face. His massive hand wrapping his fingers around the shape of Bellator Miles entire head. Bellator Miles screamed out in agony, a critical hit, and he joined Azrael Jones on the throne room floor.

Lordamir was visibly very worn down at this point. Several cuts laid into his armor from Bellator Miles and Azrael Jones alike, and arrows sticking out from his corpse-like body from everywhich direction from Daeetah Dardikok (Dae). Dae loosed another arrow after another. Set on bringing this giant down.

In this moment Bellator Miles could be see slowly staggering up, leaning on to his own shield for support. Blood spattered and broken, and with fury in his eyes. He prepared to charge back and fight Lordamir again. Lordamir did not appear afraid of Bellator Miles, but a sense of admiration actually came over him, and he remembered his days when he was alive, a hero of the people, unwilling to stop fighting until every demon he faced was cut down.

Realizing he was now unfocused Lordamir turned to face his opponents and as he did he saw Farryn feet shoulder-width apart, hands together, and breathing raggedly. She cast lighting from her fingers once again, this time dropping Lordamir to his knees. He wailed out in a phantasmal fashion. His shouts echoing through the throne room.

Light began to emit from his body and it faded from existence. As he disappeared in a now normal voice, the voice of a man Lordamir said “I see now. I was the foolish one all along… Maybe there’s a chance for this world after all.” Then he regarded Azrael Jones’ unconcious body and said “You are the one. You shall be the one who lights the world on fire. I have read it and I know it to be true.” Lordamir paused for a moment and then in a whisper as his body completely disappeared from the realm of men whispered “Ashbringer.”

Farryn and Bellator Miles are so weak they’re barely able to stand. They both bend over, hands on their knees gasping for breath. Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) looks down to regard the fallen but still alived Azrael Jones and as he does so he notices one of the books he had previously knocked down. Wide open and staring at him like it was meant to be read.

“Look at this.” he uttered. And Farryn slowly worked her way over to his side. Bending over and picking up the book she reads from the pages: “And so it shall come to pass that when the end of days draws nearer fire shall be seen from the heavens, the lands shall tremble in its wake, and despite its presence, the light will cease to be, and all will be covered in darkness.”

- x18 Skeletons =900 XP
- x2 Warhorse Skeletons =200 XP
- x1 Lordamir =1,650 XP
- Dae creating a zipline to cross the moat at Alberon by shooting a skeleton as an anchor with a rope tied to his arrow. =150 XP
- Quick thinking by creating a battering ram using a training dummy =150 XP

Total: 3,050 XP



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