Session 4

Still in the throne room of Alberon, Bellator Miles makes his way to Azrael Jones’ unconscious body, a look of malice in his eyes. With a ornate flip of his wrists Bellator Miles swings his sword around so that it was now upside down in his hands and above Azrael Jones as he prepared to finish him.

Wait! Interjected Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) What if he’s still possessed by the spirit of Lordamir? Bellator Miles stops short. Anger filled him, but a man of his conviction could not bring himself to kill another without being absolutely sure of their guilt.

Suddenly, the room grew colder, and darker. The sounds of whispers could be heard. They started quiet at first but grew louder. The whispers could be heard from all directions, like a thousand ghosts shouting at each out other in hushed tones.

Farryn began to walk closer. Where before Bellator Miles could see that she was exhausted now she seemed to be un-fatigued. Absolute focus was in her eyes. Bellator Miles called out for her, but she made no effort to acknowledge him. He ran to her and tried to shake her, but before being able to physically grab her, lightning fast Farryn backhanded Bellator Miles in his chest sending him flying across the throne room and into a bookshelf.

Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) reacts and places himself between Azrael Jones and Farryn and skillfully places a trap, then disengages out of her path. Farryn walks straight into the trap and it engages clamping down on her leg. Blood oozes from her right leg but she continues to walk forward, completely ignoring the trap.

Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) nocks and draws an arrow aiming it right at Farryn. Behind his intended target though he’s surprised by what he sees. A group of men and women stand at the entrance to the throne room. The wore all black leather, some with steel armor on top of that. Most of them held bows or crossbows, but some held melee weapons. They had black painted on their hands and necks, and around their eyes. Many of them wore cowls or covered their faces with cloth. At the front and in the middle stood a slightly taller man, his face covered with a cowl and cloth. He motioned with his hands and the others reacted balls flung from their hands and the room filled with smoke…..


The party awoke in a cage. It was night time. Azrael Jones Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) and Bellator Miles were tied to posts. Their hands bound behind their backs. The cage was made of wooden posts and through the cages the party could see a large encampment. More people dressed similarly to those the the entrance to throne room of Alberon stood around tents and campfires talking with each other. They ignored the party. It was apparent that they were back in The Forest of Alberon. Two guards stood outside the door to the cage standing fast.


Above the cage in the sky was a red comet slowing moving across the sky. (It’s probably not important though)

Farryn is tied to a post as well in a separate nearby cage. Her mouth is also gagged. The party communicates and assures that everyone is okay, then they begin to discuss ways to escape. One of the guards cuts into the conversation without turning around and advises the party that he wouldn’t do that, if he were them.

Azrael using quick thinking using his magic to command a guard to release him. The spell succeeds and the guard moves to open the cage door, but the other guard stop him and explains what’s happening. Furious, the now sober guard opens the cage door and approaches Azrael Jones. He doffs his scabbard and uses it as a weapon striking Azreal across his face.

“That’s no way to treat guests.” Interrupts a deep voice from outside the cage. The party turns to see a new face, but a familiar face to Daeetah Dardikok (Dae). It was the face of the apparent leader from before who smoked the party originally.

I apologize for his rude behavior but Demon Hunters aren’t typically well mannered I’m afraid. We have questions for you. We heard the bells ringing from the Whispering Woods and came to investigate. I’m impressed with your combat skills. There’s a lot of potential there. This one is pretty good with a bow already, he says as he points at Dae. I’m curious though. What’s a rag-tag group of individuals like yourselves doing crawling through ancient castles that don’t belong to you?

Another approaches the entrance to the cage. This one is a female. She wears a black cowl and armor similar to the rest of the people in the encampment. This woman has a very serious demeanor to her though. As she approaches both guards lower the heads looking at the floor and acknowledge her saying “Seer”.

“These are the prisoners you were briefed about. Find out what you can about them and report back to me immediately.” Says the man.

“Yes, Captain.” replies the Seer.


The party was then individually escorted away and interrogated by the Seer, who introduced herself as Alexstraza. Afterwords everyone was escorted to another part of the encampment where they were provided with their own tents to stay in. They were free to stay with the encampment for the time-being or allowed to leave whenever they saw fit. Their weapons however were not returned.

The party regroup and discussed their individual questionings. Azrael Jones implored that he felt unsafe and that he thought they should leave right away. Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) however seemed to feel comfortable and said that he wanted to stay for a while longer. With Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) being the only one who could navigate them out of The Whispering Woods the group’s hand was forced to stay. Bellator Miles seemed indifferent about the whole situation.

Azreal then revealed some of his backstory, saying that he was a member of the Children of Sirrion and that he left because he thought the order was up to some suspicious behavior. He felt that he needed to leave immediately to get back to the Temple of Sirrion.

At that moment, once again. A deep voice interrupted the conversation. It was the same face as before at the entrance to Lordamir’s throne room and the entrance to the cage the party awoke in. The man introduced himself as Captain Rhaegar. He was placed with a cool demeanor on top of one of the nearby tents.

Rhaegar hopped down and with a friendly tone greeted the party. He then proceeded to invite Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) to train with the demon hunters at first light. Azrael Jones asked the captain where his weapon was and if he could have it back but Rhaegar just apologized and replied that he couldn’t help him. He quickly left bidding the party a good night.

The party then split for the night. Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) searching for Alexstraza again, Bellator Miles searching for Farryn, and Azrael Jones heading to bed. Neither man was able to find what they were searching for, but as he was out and about Daeetah Dardikok (Dae) using his primeval awareness was able to sense the presence of demons nearby. He reported it to Bellator Miles back at their tents and trusted him to let the proper authorities know.

Bellator Miles headed around camp and found the demon hunters playing dice. He being a soldier learned to play dice with the men before. He asked to join and they complied. As they played he warned them that he believed demons to be near, but the hunters laughed and retorted that if there were demons anywhere even remotely close, they would know about it. Bellator Miles begged them to be cautious and alert Alexstraza. One of the hunters told him: The day I go out on a limb and break chain of command, having the audacity to approach and speak to Alexstraza, is the day I no longer have that limb.

Bellator Miles seeing he could do no more, headed to bed…..



The party awakens to smell of smoke and the sounds of panic. Emerging from their respective tents Bellator Miles Azreal & Dae See a large fire illuminating the sky above them to the west. The demon hunters can be seen hastily moving about and shouting to each other. The group bravely heads west to discern what’s going on.

At Miles insistence they travel toward the cages where they previously were being held prisoner, only to find that Farryn was no longer there. Dae leads the party instead to the tent they had been summoned to previously hoping to find Alexstraza, and hopefully some answers to what’s going on. The group approaches the tent and when they draw close they pull back to covering for the door to find Farryn. She’s standing in the center of the tent and looking down. Her body is grayish in color and dirty. She’s cover in scratches. Looming above her is a familiar figure. The Nalfeshnee.

Bellator Miles calls out for Farryn. She looks up to regard him, but the Farryn the party has come to know doesn’t look back.


The Nalfeshnee teleports behind the party and combat begins. The party is impressively stronger than when they first encountered the Nalfeshnee and while they are able to hold him off, they are still not strong enough to keep him at bay for long. Dae pelts it with arrows while Azreal smites the demon and Miles attempts to hold his own with his sword prowess.

After sometime Bellator Miles sees an opening and attempts to rescue Farryn. This entire time she’s been standing still. A thousand yard stare taking over her. As Miles gets closer Farryn feels harder and harder to approach. As if there’s an energy holding him back. The furniture and decorations around the tent can be seen shaking and falling. As Bellator Miles gets closer the shake more fiercely and tears begin to rip through the tent itself. Finally he reaches her and grabs her by the shoulders ordering her to snap out of it!

For a moment the energy stops and everything is still as she looks upon Bellator Miles with fear. She whispers to him “Help me.”, but without warning her face suddenly turns from fear to anger, and she knocks Bellator Miles back into the fray!

The fighting continues in the tent and the Nalfeshnee begins mortally wounding the party one by one. It seems all hope is lost and the adventure is ready to draw to an abrupt end until suddenly two arrows fly inside from out of the tent. The arrows place themselves right into the eyes of the Nalfeshnee who screams out in agony and falls to the floor. His howl is like the sound of a thousand birds screeching.

Through the tent enters Alexstraza. “Leave this place! You have no power here!” she says and in that instant, everything turns brightly white.

The party awakens back in their respective tents. The sounds of panic can be heard again. They open the cover to their respective tents but this time they don’t find a fire in the distance, instead it’s dawn and the demon hunters can be seen shouting and moving quickly about packing up the encampment. A demon hunter approaches the group that the party recognizes as one of the men that escorted them individually to Alexstraza yesterday. “The Seeress demands an audience with you” He says.

The party accompanies him back to Alexstraza‘s tent where he leaves them alone with her. Alexstraza paces back and forth for a moment before begining. "I don’t have much time to explain this." She begins, “So pay attention. I don’t want to repeat myself!”

Alexstraza then goes on to tell the party that her demon hunters have been alerted to the presence of a nearby large demon raid and that the encampment would be moving to avoid it. They would head North where Alexstraza intends to meet up with another demon encampment where they can seek safety and numbers and more important she can confer with her “sister” about everything that’s happened.

She pauses for a moment. “There’s more.”

I believe that there’s a link between the three of you and the young girl you accompany. I don’t understand it’s nature yet but that’s why I’m headed north to find my sister, and also… As someone with my special abilities I’m able to see certain things. Including dreams. I’ve seen both of your dreams you all have collectively had and I’m troubled by what I’ve seen. I’ve sent some of my best men back into Alberon to investigate any clues there and report back to me, it’s just that. The comet, the increase in demon activity, these dreams, and this young girl. Something is on the rise, something I fear the world isn’t prepared for.

You all will be granted safe passage with the encampment for now. After a few days journey we will reach a road that will lead you back toward Durn if that’s what you seek. You’re also free to leave whenever you like, but given the circumstance I would recommend staying for now. That’s all I have for you. I’ll summon you again if I need. Alexstraza begins to leave the tent and the party follow her outside.

Bellator Miles asked where Farryn was and what they were doing with her. Alexstraza with regarding him replied “That girl is more dangerous than you all are aware. She’s in our custody for now. We’re taking care of her.” This displeased Miles who threatened Alexstraza telling her that “If you touch a hair upon her head you’ll rue the day you messed with me.”

“I’m sure” replied Alexstraza non-regardingly again as she began discussing plans with her advisers outside of the tent over a map-table, waving the party on.

- x1 Nalfshenee (Not full experience points) =500 XP
- Dae’s stopping Miles from killing Azreal =500 XP
- Miles attempting to rescue Farryn =500 XP
- Azreal using command to try to get out of the cage =250XP
- Entire party managing to not get themselves killed or in a worse situation from the interrogations =1000XP

Total: 2,750



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