The Trial

Session 1

Durn is a small village. At it’s heart lies the town hall where the mayor works and resides. Across the street lies a tavern known as The Lost Shepherds Inn. There are several houses riddled throughout the village as well as a blacksmith and a stable and other common places one would come to expect in a normal small village.

It’s a chilly day in the town Durn an overcast lingers above. A quaint town, usually quiet but today gossip seems to flood the streets as everyone from the old folks’ whispers to children’s shouts echoing on, everyone is telling rumors of a trial to come.

You are all passing through the village of Durn unknowing of each other. Each concerned with your own business. Perhaps escorting a caravan from a far away land for extra gold, perhaps on the run for a crime you’ve committed elsewhere, perhaps in search of something you long for, or perhaps just seeking adventure. Whether you be speaking to the stableman to acquire a steed to continue your journey, just passing through the streets of Durn with no intentions of stopping, or having a pint of mead in The Lost Shepherds Inn. All of you notice the sounds of shouting toward the middle of Durn and move to investigate.

Once there you find a large crowd of which you assume must be most of the village. The villagers appear enraged. At the heart of the crowd lies a make shift stage built of wood. A noose hangs off the front of the stage tied and ready to hang the unfortunate soul it was made for.

On top of the stage is also a plump man with white hair. The top of his head is bald but he has a lot of white hair on the sides of his scalp and he has a very long and impressively thick white mustache. He’s dressed in bright clothes, fancier than those worn by the rest of the villagers of Durn. Next to him stands a thin bodied man wearing a black cover over his face. His wrists bound by rope. He’s dressed similarly to the villagers.

You’re now all intermixed with crowd. You look on as the plump, white-haired man boisterously begins to yell “Villagers of Durn. Settle down now, settle down. You all know why we are here. Let the trial for the Demon-Witch begin!” The crowd roars back, worked into a lather by the plump man who then reaches for the cover on the veiled man’s face, wildly ripping it off and flinging it into the air.

As all of you look upon the face of the Demon-Witch you discover the face of what isn’t a man at all, but what is actually a young woman. A woman with a thin-lithe body, fair-alabaster skin, raven black hair, and striking blue eyes, framed by freckles on her face.

The white-haired, plump man then shouts “This monstrosity stands before you, people of Durn, guilty of using magic, a gift which we have reasonable means to believe was given to her by Demons! She’s a witch! Working side by side with the darkness which would seek to corrupt our fair village! But I say nay! Today we shall rid ourselves of this darkness by hanging this demon now, and protecting what is good! If there is anyone who would defend this Demon-Witch, speak now! So that we may see your treachery! Otherwise, I’ll bring us, people of Durn, to justice.”

The white-haired, plump man forces the young girl to the edge of the stage and places the noose around her neck. Shouts of “Hang her!” and “Kill the Demon-Witch” are screamed from the villagers of Durn.


Azreal makes his way to the stage and attempts to persuade the guards to allow him to pass onto the stage without success. The guards are diligent that their boss (the plump, white-haired man) said no one was to interrupt the “trial”. Dae leaps onto a barrel and shouts “Where is your proof?” catching the attention of some of the villagers but not enough so to stop the trial from pressing forward. Miles makes a sqinty Clint Eastwood-eske face and valiantly tells Azreal that he should try again. (fail)

The white-haired man begin to push the girl to the edge of the platform and just before he pushes her off Dae heroically whips out his longbow and aims for the rope about to hang the mystery “Demon Witch” woman. He fires an arrow, slicing the rope in two, the rope falls and the girl takes the rope off of her neck. The plump man is furious shouting “Who did that!?”

Dae again shouts “Where is your proof?” toward the white-haired man. Who then retorts with Guards! Arrest that man!


The guards make their way toward Dae still standing atop his barrel. While they’re en route Azreal takes advantage of the moment to steal his way on the stage. There he knocks the white-haired, now furious man unconscious with a blunt strike from his shield. He then pushes the woman off of the stage towardMiles’ direction telling her to run.

She lands and manages not to fall, dispite her hands still being bound. Miles heroically places himself between her and the guards preparing himself to defend her, or die trying.

Three guards attack Miles, he manages to evade to blows but is mortally wounded as a third slips through his armor and slices his neck. Miles falls unconscious.

Combat continues. The guards do some minor damage to Azreal and Dae goes unharmed. The mystery woman aids in combat casting spells of fire and cold to help defeat the guards. The party defeats the guards and Azreal uses lay on hands to heal Miles enough for him to stand again.

Dae approaches the mystery woman with his bow drawn and demands to know if she’s a demon or not. She swears that she isn’t, that she has lived in the village of Durn all of her life, and excluding being able to use magic, she was just a normal woman.

Unconvinced, Miles now regaining a sense of his surroundings uses his battle worn experience and suggests to Azreal to reach out to the surrounding area, and feel is there were any evil among them. Azreal does so and is not able to detect evil. Good enough for the party, the four strangers quickly leave the small village of Durn with the sounds of church bells ringing in the distance.

The group travels west through a deciduous forest throughout the day. Their ranger companion navigation for them as well as covering their tracks behind them. As the day wears on the learn each others names and discover more about each other. The mysterious woman’s name is Farryn.

As the day draws to an end the group prepares their bedrolls and prepares to rest. Replenishing themselves from their long day and thinking back on the day’s transpired events. Darkness covers the land…

- x3 Guards =75 XP
- Use of detect evil to determine if Farryn was a demon =50 XP
- Shooting the rope to rescue Farryn =100 XP
- Miles placing himself between the guards and Farryn to protect her =50 XP

Total: 275 XP



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